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Boxer Shorts Bras Briefs
Socks Sweats Thermal Underwear
Bids Supply is a top provider of wholesale apparel, footwear and wholesale clothing for federal, health and government institutions. We proudly cater to prisons, army, navy, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes and other institutions that require bulk quantities of wholesale clothing. Our wholesale institutional clothing are available in a variety of colors. We specialize in all sizes, including oversize to satisfy your unique needs. Call us now at 1-888-257-0904 to speak directly with one of our agents and discuss pricing.

Mens colored thermal sets Womens colored thermal sets Mens colored thermal sets
Men's smooth knit colored thermal sets
Our Price: $232.00 Sold by case
Womens waffle weave colored thermal sets
Our Price: $58.00 Assorted colors per dozen.
Men's waffle weave colored thermal sets
Our Price: $56.00 Assorted colors per dozen.
Men's Colored T-shirt Ladies thermal tops Ladies thermal bottoms from small to X Extra large sizes
Men's thermal tops Cross Your Heart Bras Sports Bras
Cross Your Heart Bras Men's White T-shirt boxer short-orange Extra large boxers
Boxer short-brown Orange Briefs Olive Green Briefs
White Boxer Shorts Printed Boxer Shorts White Diabetic Socks
Diabetic Socks
Our Price: $13.50
white Briefs Sweatpants Thermal Socks
Thermal Crew Socks
Our Price: $9.50
Thermal Socks Sweatshirts Brown Crew Socks
Brown Crew Socks
Our Price: $8.75
Brown Ankle Socks Orange Crew Socks Brown Tube Socks
Brown Ankle Socks
Our Price: $8.75

Orange Crew Socks Size
Our Price: $8.75

Brown Tube Socks
Our Price: $8.50
Orange Ankle Socks Orange Tube Socks Black Crew Socks
Orange Ankle Socks
Our Price: $8.50
Orange Tube Socks
Our Price: $8.50

Black Crew Socks
Our Price: $7.75