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Non Skid Sock Tube Crew
Ankle Thermal Diabetic Socks

Our full line of wholesale socks are a great economical solution for your institution. And a great choice for all ages and genders. Its non-ravel elastic top helps prevent the sock from riding down the leg. The contents of most our socks are 80% cotton, 20% poly and retain their shape and support even after multiple washings.

Black Ankle Socks Black Crew Socks Black Tube Socks Brown Ankle Socks
Black Ankle Socks
Our Price: $7.75

Black Crew Socks
Our Price: $7.75

Black Tube Socks
Our Price: $7.50

Brown Ankle Socks
Our Price: $8.75

Brown Crew Socks Brown Tube Socks White Diabetic Socks Grey Ankle Socks
Brown Crew Socks
Our Price: $8.75
Brown Tube Socks
Our Price: $8.50
Diabetic Socks
Our Price: $13.50
Grey Ankle Socks
Our Price: $6.75

Grey Crew Socks Thermal Socks Thermal Socks Grey Tube Socks
Grey Crew Socks
Our Price: $6.75
Grey Thermal Crew Socks
Our Price: $10.25
Grey Thermal Tube Socks
Our Price: $10.25
Grey Tube Socks
Our Price: $6.50

Orange Ankle Socks Orange Crew Socks Orange Tube Socks
Non skid socks
Our Price: $15.00
Orange Ankle Socks
Our Price: $8.50
Orange Crew Socks Size
Our Price: $8.75

Orange Tube Socks
Our Price: $8.50

White Ankle Socks White Crew Socks White Tube Socks
White Ankle Socks
Our Price: $6.00
White Crew Socks
Our Price: $5.75
White Tube Socks
Our Price: $5.50

Our one size fits all slip resistant socks are a unisex slipper sock for men & women. They are extra comfortable and come with rubber treads to avoid slipping. Its contents of 84% cotton, 15% polyester and 1% elastic give it a special soft touch. This Non Skid, anti-slip socks are great for patients in hospitals, post surgery, nursing homes and retirement homes.
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